27 Sep 2022

8th Bike Race of the Piasts with start and finish #NaPolanie!

On 24 September #NaPolana hosted fans of two wheels! The cycling adventure continued at its best. During the eighth edition of the Piast Cross-Country Cycling Race, almost 1,000 participants started. This year's Bicycle Race of Piasts was different than usual, as for the first time the start and finish line took place in the premises of the Dolnośląskie Sports Centre Polana Jakuszycka.

It was held at distances of 18, 41 and 61 km on the trails of the Jizera Mountains. The competitors rode through their most beautiful corners. There were cyclists of all levels on the start lists. There were also attractions for the youngest, who took part in the Cycling Adventure at distances of 300 metres and 1 km. Participants in the GIGA run, started at 10.05 a.m. Twenty-five minutes later, participants in the MEGA run set off. The last to set off were those who chose the distance of 18 kilometres.

Source: Bieg Piastów

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