28 Oct 2022

Runmageddon League final for the first time #NaPolanie!

On 22-23.10.2022, the final of the Runmageddon League took place on the Jakuszycka Glade. Runmageddon is Poland's largest obstacle run with a level of difficulty adapted to the abilities of every daredevil.

The new location was a completely new and surprising challenge for the competitors. It was the final start for the competitors of the RMG Super League, in which several hundred people competed throughout the season. As we know, a new location is always associated with a surprising adventure and an unpredictable challenge. This time the Runmageddon runners tackled the route planned for #NaPolana. During the event, those wishing to do so were able to start in two formulas: The 6-kilometre Recruit with 30 obstacles and the 21-kilometre Hardcore with 70 obstacles.

However, Runmageddon is not only an exciting event for the competitors, but also a great idea for a weekend for fans and whole families. In a specially prepared Fan City, one could admire the participants' efforts, courage, strength and character, as well as have a good time.

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