Train in the forge of Olympic athletes #NaPolanie

Lower Silesian Sports Centre Polana Jakuszycka

Discover the offer of the sports centre for the 
XXI century.

Whether you are a professional athlete or train for pleasure, #NaPolanie you will find the right infrastructure for you to train in both winter and summer sports. With us, you will spend your time actively, whatever the season.

Playing field with artificial surface and running track

Used for summer sports, while in winter it turns into a fun park with the possibility of adapting it to your event.
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Biathlon shooting range

A shooting range prepared for national/European competitions, with access to the infrastructure required for professional sports.
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Asphalt roller tracks

In the summer, the biathlon shooting range is transformed into an asphalt roller track for a length of approximately 2,000 m, with access to hanging benches and more.
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Ski bridge and trails

Equipped with built-in sports equipment storage, being an crossover of roller/ski trails depending on the season.
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Professional/amateur gyms

Equipped with top quality weight training equipment.
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Workout rooms

Atmosphere with controlled reduction of oxygen in the air (hypoxic atmosphere), and complete equipment.
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We focus on the development of future champions

We want to help raise future Polish Olympians by providing them with the right training conditions. We do it while respecting nature, the tradition of Polana Jakuszycka, using the potential of the region and creating new jobs.

Expanded sports facilities

The facility includes, among others, a sports hall, gyms, swimming pool, changing rooms, ski waxing and bicycle servicing facilities, a catering area and multimedia rooms for briefings and technical analysis.

Space accessible to all

The Lower Silesian Sports Centre is a place friendly to children and young people, as well as to people with disabilities. Thanks to the elimination of architectural barriers and the support of staff, Paralympians can also train with us.

Accommodation tailored to your needs

We offer accommodation and stay conditions for professional athletes as well as for children's and youth sports groups starting their sporting career.

Sports field with artificial
surface and running track

used for summer sports, while in winter it is transformed into a Fun Park, TV town

  • Football pitch with an artificial turf surface.
  • Artificial surface 4-lane running track with a distance of 200 m.
  • Artificial surface 5-lane running track with a distance of 60 m.

Biathlon shooting range

Professional biathlon shooting range with access to biathlon trails, equipment

  • Full-size biathlon shooting range 30 - lane with a track length of 50 m in accordance with IBU regulations,
  • Fixed equipment - target electronics and control on the coaching ramp,
  • Mobile equipment - shooting mats, rigging and track markers.

Asphalt roller tracks

In summer, the biathlon shooting range is transformed into an asphalt roller track with a length of approx. 2,000 m

  • 11.5 to 4 m wide asphalt training roller tracks, designed for the transition period,
  • A start zone, finish zone, shooting zone and penalty loop of two different lengths,
  • Three tracks available 300m, 1000m, 2000m.

Ski bridge and trails

Equipped with storage facilities, being an crossover of roller/ski tracks (depending on the season)

  • The bridge provided as crossing of training roller tracks in two levels during non-competition period,
  • During the competition as a two-level crossing of the cross-country trails with spectators and amateur cross-country skiers off the competition trails.
  • A detailed list of the trails can be found on the website of the Bieg Piastów Association, which manages them:

Professional/amateur gyms

Equipped with regulation of the amount of oxygen in the atmosphere (hypoxic atmosphere) and a set of equipment

  • Hypoxic atmosphere, complete installation and equipment as part of the ICT project,
  • Rest room - atmosphere with controllable increase in the amount of oxygen in the air (hypoxic atmosphere).

Sports hall

Located inside the building, the hall can be used for a wide range of sports all year round.

  • Climbing wall,
  • Basketball, volleyball, futsal, handball and badminton courts.

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Investment co-financed by the Minister of Sport and Tourism with funds from the Fund for the Development of Physical Culture (FRKF) as part of the Programme for Investments of Special Importance for Sport.
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